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Fundraising at $ 1 Since its formation, the Cédrika Provencher Foundation has relied on volunteerism to accomplish its mission and periodically raises funds to continue its work. It is urgent to act to prevent other children from falling prey to predators of all kinds. The Cédrika Provencher Foundation launches its official fundraising campaign that will allow it to act effectively for the safety and protection of our children. People will be able to give at any time. Cumulative donations will be unveiled each year on the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abduction (JMPEE). The donations will enable the Cédrika Provencher Foundation to act effectively in the form of projects important for safety. and protecting children from all predators of children, both virtual and physical, while encouraging parents and children to get involved in different approaches. How to donate $ 1: – Sur notre site web www.fondationcedrika.org, en cliquant sur « Faire un don »
Directly from your banking institution stating that you wish to make a deposit at the Cédrika Provencher Foundation (BMO) account: 126 00261 001 8118 480 – Collect donations from your company employees – At an event or meeting of your company staff – Through your union or at a general meeting – By way of a special contribution, annually – In placing a piggy bank in your business or business – By deducting $ 1 from the vacation pay, in agreement with each employee – Give a check to the Cédrika Foundation the amount of money raised – A challenge could be thrown to the administration for double the amount raised by employees, etc. Thank you for your generosity in supporting our preventive action and trusting the Cédrika Provencher Foundation for the safety of our children. Your $ 1 can save lives, maybe even your child’s.