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The disappearance of two young women on Sunday evening

Trois-Rivières — The disappearance of two young women on Sunday evening worries the direction of the police of Trois-Rivières, which launched a notice of research Monday.

Alyson Marchand , aged 15, was last seen on Sunday. She wore a black pair of jeans with black holes, sneakers of the same color and a khaki coat with a hood. The girl, who has light brown hair and a pale complexion, is 1 m 70 (5’7 « ) and weighs 57 kg (125 lbs) .

Missing at the same time, Christine Ouellet has long brown hair, pale complexion and wears black glasses. The last time she was seen, she wore black pants, as did her shoes, a pale pink vest, and a khaki green coat. It is 1 m 70 (5’7 « ) and weighs 61 kg (135 lbs).

Police believe the two girls have run away together. Their families fear for their safety because of the dating of the two teenage girls.

It is possible to share information with the Police of Trois-Rivières 819 691-2929 .

disparition de deux jeunes trifluviennes

Disparition de deux jeunes trifluviennes

Viral phenomenon around a fugue: a case far from rare in Quebec

The teenager 12 years old missing after a runaway and finally found Tuesday night in Quebec is not a rare case. In 2017 , the Quebec police handled 930 cases of runaways . Of these, five are still active.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ), however, ranked the priority file because of the young age of the adolescent girl sought.

In a situation like this, the SPVQ transmits all available information to several partners, including the Capital Transportation Network (RTC), taxi drivers or hospitals.

Tuesday night, so, audio messages were broadcast on the buses of the RTC to find the girl.

RTC President Rémy Normand says that one or two such reports are broadcast on a daily basis. « Eventually, in the bus shelter display screens, it is expected that Amber alerts or reports of this nature could be broadcast, » he says. Astral [who manages the technology] is working on this solution.  »

Solidarity drive

Tuesday night, the disappearance of a girl has created a great momentum of solidarity on social networks.

In a few hours, his mother’s call for help message was relayed more than 100,000 times on Facebook.

« When you see the pretty girl with a very emotional message from a mother, it gets to people, » says Pierre-Thomas Choquette, director of public relations at Hill + Hill + Knowlton Strategies. All the ingredients of a good publication were there.  »

Joined by Radio-Canada, the mother of the teenager found thanked all those who participated in « this huge chain of solidarity. » « We were very surprised, but mostly very touched by the response of the population, » she said.

According to the information of Stéphanie Tremblay and Charles D’Amboise