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Our history

It was July 31, 2007. The weather was bright. The most beautiful sunny day of summer, some people say. Like many children in the neighborhood that day, Cédrika was in the park in her neighborhood. It was still daylight when she was approached by a stranger who approached him saying that a lady had unfortunately lost her little dog.

Listening only to her big heart and always ready to help, Cédrika goes in search of the little dog. She straddles her brand new bike and surveys the area by knocking on doors and inquiring about everyone.
After a while, she is seen coming out of a forest with a young friend, followed closely by the stranger. Subsequently, she is seen with her bike, sometimes on the rue Chapais, sometimes on the rue des Chenaux … Around 8:30 pm, the same day, his bike is found, leaning on a fire hydrant.

8 1/2 years are up. His family and loved ones, a handful of family friends and various police forces from here and elsewhere in Quebec have always searched. At the slightest credible index, field research work resumed; sometimes solo, sometimes duet.

Far from confessing defeat, eager above all that such events do not happen again, wanting to ensure that the disappearance of Cédrika is not relayed to the news section over time, Cedrika’s family decides to move to the offensive by launching the Cédrika Provencher Foundation.