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On July 31, 2007, the sun was shining brightly. Some would later say it was the sunniest day of the summer. Like many other children that day, Cédrika was in the neighbourhood park. It was still daylight when a stranger approached her, saying a woman had unfortunately lost her little dog.

Generous by nature and always ready to help, Cédrika started looking for the little dog. She hopped on her brand new bike to search the area, knocking on doors and asking everyone for information.

Some time later, she was seen coming out of a wooden area with a young friend, closely followed by the stranger. She was later spotted riding her bike on Chapais and Des Chenaux streets. Around 8:30 that night, her bike was found leaning against a fire hydrant.


That was eight and a half years ago. Her family and relatives, a handful of family friends, and various police forces never stopped looking for her. At the slightest plausible clue, individual or group search efforts would resume.

Far from admitting defeat, Cédrika’s family launched the Cédrika Provencher Foundation. The family wants to prevent similar events from happening again and ensure that Cédrika’s disappearance does not become a miscellaneous news item over time.