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Claude Richard is not the Cedrika Foundation

Former Cédrika Provencher Foundation volunteer who was arrested in 2017 for child pornography is an exception in our group. We have a procedure with the police now on the driving and court history. Claude Richard has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. He was then given certain conditions, including that of not accessing the Internet. We are transparent and we learn from our mistakes.

We invite you to meet us in our various activities and to validate if you notice an individual in contradiction with our mandate: To prevent the relation between an aggressor or a bad influence and the vulnerability of our children. Mr. Henri Provencher is a competent man in research, in communication with the media and the police to maintain the best possible result.

Visit Research Center for the Prevention of Kidnapping and Child Runaways (CRPEE) to see what projects are underway and delivered with our partners.