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Litterature event PAUSE LITTÉRAIRE 2018 at Galeries du Cap


As a spokesperson, I cordially invite you to this event which will be held at the Galeries du Cap, on Saturday, September 15 from 9am to 5pm and Sunday, September 16th from noon to 5pm.

This will be an opportunity to get acquainted and perhaps even to get you the first volume of the Cédrika Collection, which we had to reprint. Histoires de PréVoir is a small, unpretentious book that is aimed at our young children through their animal friends, in order to develop a natural reflex of caution against potential predators. It also gives parents the opportunity to address this sensitive subject without creating a sense of fear.

Several writers, publishers and booksellers from the region are waiting for you on site to present you various literary works and perhaps also, to give you the taste to write and to express yourself. It will be a pleasure to meet you, to exchange with you and if necessary, to dedicate to your child, “Histoires de PréVoir”. The Cédrika Provencher Foundation needs writers to achieve its goals in preventing child abductions, runaways and disappearances. Together we can make a difference. Welcome to all the people and the pleasure of meeting you there.

Henri Provencher

Président de la Fondation Cédrika Provencher

spokesperson for PAUSE LITTÉRAIRE 2018