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Ours Projects

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation is currently developing various major projects and intends to collaborate with relevant authorities where necessary. We invite all interested organizations to join us in a collaborative effort.

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation needs all human and financial resources available — donors, partners, sponsors, collaborators, spokespersons, organizers, professionals, philanthropists, specialists, and people with experience in various fields — to meet its objectives and achieve its important humanitarian mission. Therefore, we need you, wherever you are. If you have good ideas, interesting projects, time to spare, or unique experience to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

With your help, the Cédrika Provencher Foundation intends to fulfill this important mission. It invites children, teenagers, adults, seniors, organizations, and competent authorities to collaborate to make this mission a great success.

By supporting the Cédrika Provencher Foundation, you are supporting the children. If you believe in our mission, join us and help us in any way you can. Any form of involvement or act of generosity will be appreciated and can make a great difference in achieving success.

Please visit our proactive website at www.fondationcedrika.org for more information and to learn about new developments. In a show of support for our mission, you can also obtain a membership card.

Thank you for your help, and welcome to the Cédrika Provencher Foundation.

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Brief description of ours late projects

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent the abduction of children, disappearances and runaways and to accompany families who are victims of such a tragedy.
Goals of the organization:
• Innovate in the creation and development of new tools for prevention, intervention and search for missing persons, adapted to the present.
• Raise awareness, inform and teach safety instructions for children, teens and adults.
• Develop positive reflex attitudes among young people to protect against predators of all kinds, both in the real and virtual worlds.
Objectives of the organization:
• Reduce the risk of kidnapping and running away
• Counter any predator of children before it goes to the act.
• Know how to detect warning signs in possible predators without being afraid of adults.
• to prevent our young people from becoming the predators of tomorrow.

Prevention is first of all to raise awareness, to inform, to educate by acting positively to inculcate safety instructions from an early age and to propose precautionary attitudes to adopt for both children and parents.

Fall 2018

Project: Creating Tales or Stories (1268899)

The project consists of writing and composing a series of texts presenting the various safety instructions to young children and teens through stimulating and adequate learning.
To this end, the organization has many safety instructions that it intends to present to our youth in many ways favoring an adequate mode of understanding appropriate to each.
The text could be a few lines, a few pages or even a complete book depending on whether it is for young children or teenagers, depending on age and / or grade level. It can be presented in different styles and forms: tales, stories, novels, adventures, description, narration, fantasies, poetry, drama, fantasy, comics or others and be brought positively and constructively to young people according to the age category and kindergarten, primary and secondary level.
Each text can be the subject of a book or a collection of stories to tell by the parent, teacher or educator.
A set of instructions or several instructions collected can also be the subject of a complete book that is aimed at young people who can not yet read, who begin to know how to read to tame reading, or teens eager for novels or stories .

The number of stories or novels is unlimited and the same instruction can be the subject of many forms and styles of presentation.

The texts and compositions must be signed and given to the organization. The author remains the owner of his work while agreeing to cede all rights of use, advertising and publishing, exclusively to the Cédrika Provencher Foundation and its Research Center.
The selected texts will be used by the organization, in due course, according to the objective and the desired vehicle, according to the development of the component and the project.
The work can serve as a scenario for the development of other components and other projects, in various forms of presentation, according to the needs of the organization.

The organization will provide any interested person with a list of safety instructions and attitudes that they develop, introduce, and teach to young children, teens, and the public, in which the student will choose their subject and draw their inspiration. .

Everything must be done positively, with respect, discretion and in a goal of safety and protection of children against predators of all kinds.

Fall 2017

Project: Translation of a website (483058)

Even though the Cédrika Provencher Foundation website is online, we want to do things right and minimize deficiencies.
Translate some texts from the website into the most common languages ​​(English, Spanish, etc.)

Summer 2017

Project: Creating a mobile application (890932)

In order to complete and maximize the use of this new unique tool for mobilization in the event of an emergency disappearance, the Cédrika Provencher Foundation wishes the development and realization of this important addition that is the mobile application and make it quickly available to the population.

“CEDRIKA MOBILIZATION” is a structured operational protocol, designed for parents or anyone in authority over a child or vulnerable person. It is crucial that this alert can be applied in the very first moments, during a disappearance.
A child escapes the supervision of his parents, even for a moment? “MOBILIZATION CEDRIKA” must be immediately triggered to put all the chances possible on its side and allow to find and locate it quickly, to avoid going into catch-up mode, which is generally the case until now.
Fall 2016

Project: Picom in statistics and documentation (591074)

The CPF wants a comprehensive and up-to-date research and compilation of all available statistics on disappearances, abductions and fugues – worldwide – by country, state, province and city. – specifying the sectors most at risk. – the costs incurred for the different government institutions.
Compilation (on USB stick, CD or DVD) of documentation, research and existing studies on these different topics.

Translation of a French text into English (891325)

Considering the universal aspect of the Cédrika Foundation, must serve as many families as possible to locate and quickly find a missing child or loved one. The use of this operational protocol must avoid going into catch-up mode.
The CEDRIKA MOBILIZATION project is currently available in various French-speaking countries in Europe and is also expected to be exported to different countries and continents.

Winter 2015

Internal Control, Governance, and Fundraising (512431)

The proposed project is therefore to develop and then put in place an adequate internal control system within the CPF. As a first step, it will be necessary to collect all relevant information related to the structure of the Fund and the controls already in place. Then, in a second step, an analysis of the current situation will have to be carried out in order to identify the deficiencies of the current system, while targeting the FCP’s needs in terms of internal control and governance.

Fall 2014

Creating Promotional Tools (483002)

Realization of a leaflet or advertising pamphlet as well as other documents related to the promotion of the Foundation, in order to present professionally and effectively the Cédrika Foundation and make it known throughout the planet.

Winter 2014

Marketing Plan (482332)

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation wishes to develop and implement a marketing plan to be known all over the world and to convey its objectives. Promote the World Day of Prevention of Child Abductions. Develop and concretely implement a marketing plan for its promotional funding items. The promotion must be done both on its website, social networks and media. Development plan of its citizen involvement program for prevention and field research.

Fall 2013

Creating awareness poster (380426)

This project is part of the process of preventing child abduction.

Accounting Software and Internal Control (380400)

The mandate is to analyze the accounting needs of the organization, and then acquire an accounting software that meets these needs. The software will be implanted at the foundation and a general training will be given to the people concerned (in addition to a training guide that the Foundation will be able to keep). Finally, the students will provide tools for working on the Microsoft Excel software, particularly in connection with the budget process.

Educational Toolkit for the Prevention of Child Abduction (Elementary Cycle Two) (462940)

Development of an educational kit on the prevention of child abduction. We have the expectation that having a kit available to primary school-based primary school teachers can be quick.

Educational Toolkit for the Prevention of Child Abduction (Primary Cycle One) (368274)

We want to intervene primarily with these same young people, who are themselves easy prey. We want the development of an educational kit on the prevention of child abduction.