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Our new website in English

Hello and welcome to our new website!

After a few months of reflection and brainstorming … here we are, all new, all beautiful!

It will be easier to navigate and will find new information: upcoming events, past events, the people who work there, the Shop easier to access and improved … Soon we will also be available in English and in French. Spanish.

A very special place is made to a great lady of the Quebec song, Lynda Lemay, who is a singer-songwriter and internationally known. She composed and performed, in a very touching way, a song for Cédrika. She never misses an opportunity to mention our great cause … We are greatly grateful to her!

As of today, BECOME A MEMBER, now entitles you to receive by mail, a 6 inches sticky tape, which you can affix on your car … this is our new symbol for one of the positive citizen implications, a YES, to the cause of the children here and around the world! In addition, you will always be the first to know, news of the Boutique and events you would like to participate …

Finally, our new site will also have links with other organizations from here and around the world who want, as we do, take a step to counter child abduction … We will be on the lookout for you , all news and information that can help the cause of children and you will always be informed. We will inform you of world events to which you and we will be invited.

Of course, our nonprofit organization still needs your generosity, your donations and your involvement …. to develop partnerships, work on projects and put them in place to prevent, act and support and others. .. be generous …

Thank you for your cooperation and support, browse our site …. and share the information … it’s a simple but great gesture for life!


Sylvie Dubé
Executive Director