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The little Cédrika Provencher is at the very foundation of this Foundation of the same name.
Indeed, when she was only 9 years old, on a beautiful summer evening, July 31, 2007, she was trapped sneaky and kidnapped by a predator or predators while she circulated candidly in her own neighborhood, close to home. He had been asked for help to find a small dog apparently lost. She has never been seen since. This was happening in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, a seemingly peaceful city where no one was prepared for such an eventuality. Although in such a situation, the first minutes are crucial and decisive, endless hours have elapsed before contemplating the abduction thesis.

The Fondation Cédrika Provencher was born expressly to prevent such a situation from happening again anywhere in the world and that other “Cédrika” and their families are victims of such a tragedy.

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation was registered in the Québec Business Register in May 2008 and officially launched in the summer of 2010. It obtained the authorization to issue charitable receipts for non-profit organization

The Cédrika Foundation is a centralizing body to which people from everywhere and in good faith converge to work on an important joint humanitarian mission.

The Cédrika Foundation has given itself the mission of making every effort to prevent other children from suffering such a fate. It therefore intends, among other things, to take all the necessary means, with significant, concrete and effective citizen involvement throughout the world, to innovate in the prevention of child abductions and to innovate in the methods as well. search during a kidnapping. With the involvement of citizens of all ages and all over the world, we want to unite, in a common project, all the specialties and skills that are needed to protect our children and allow a quick and effective intervention, should such a tragedy occur again.

It is imperative to be able to counter any predator of children by any means possible, both by securing more places frequented by our children than by increased cyber surveillance. We want to intervene primarily with these same young people, who are themselves easy prey. It is first with them and with you that we will be able to change mentalities and stop the production of child predators.

And if despite all these efforts in prevention, an abduction should occur, at the request and with the agreement of the family we want to be ready and able to act, by participating concretely in the research and by accompanying the families to offer a professional advice service and all required help available.

We also want to be able to offer families a respite in a soothing environment that will allow them to take a breather and continue research effectively and, if necessary, welcome the child back. All this work will be done for one and the same purpose: the protection and well-being of children.

Our projects

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation is currently developing various large-scale projects and intends to work in collaboration with the competent authorities when necessary and, in a collective effort, invites all interested organizations to participate in the development of these various projects, to join us.

The Cédrika Provencher Foundation also needs all the possible human and monetary resources: donors, partners, sponsors, collaborators, spokespersons, organizers, professionals, philanthropists, specialists, people of experience in different fields in order to allow it to achieve its objectives and develop its projects that will allow it to fulfill this important humanitarian mission. So no matter where you are, we need you. You have good ideas, interesting projects, time to devote to us, a unique experience to share and put to use, do not hesitate to contact us to let us know.

It is with the help of each of you that the Cédrika Provencher Foundation intends to achieve this important mission. It invites children, adolescents, adults, seniors, organizations, and competent authorities to work together to make this mission a great success.

By involving you in the cause of the Cédrika Foundation, it is the cause of the children you support. And if you believe in our mission, join our ranks and help us in your own way. Rest assured that your involvement and any gesture of generosity will be appreciated and can make all the difference to lead to success.

I invite you to visit our proactive website for more information and to know the different developments. . In support of our mission, you can also purchase your membership card.
Thank you for your willingness and welcome to the Cédrika Provencher Foundation.

Henri Provencher, president
C.P, 1213, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada G9A 5K8