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Propose an awareness project

Make a small poster or video

We propose to make a poster, a magazine or a video on a theme that affects the safety of our children. For example, explain how to kindly refuse a gift from a stranger, how to identify the signs of an abduction, why a runaway is not the solution for our family.

Your friends will be proud of you

With this project, you participate in the safety of your community as an adult, a teacher or a police officer. You are important and your neighborhood feels safe with your creative efforts. Wow. good idea!
In a group, we look for things for ourselves and for our community . But success also depends on what we give and its contribution to the group. Being able to collaborate, help and advance others is part of his contribution to the circle. It is common to see new collaborations being created. Many initiatives are born there and new projects begin. It’s good for the heart to give and a circle is an exceptional place to do it.

Zine: little book with a story

A zine is a small magazine made by a person or a small group. It is made of paper in the form of scrapbooking on a single theme. For distribution, it is passed to the photocopier and the print run – number of copies – is low. We propose to make a small book with less than 20 pages in the form of comics and cutting on a story to explain things to avoid harm to a child.

A recent discovery for us, makes it easy to create online infographics. No need for ultra-technical skills in design! Choose a theme, add objects, images and text, download your infographic … and communicate visually and simply! This is a new tool we use to communicate with our community partners.

Video posting on our YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel to advance our mission requires creativity and our community has it. If your school or group of friends wants to make an awareness video, you can design a staged risk situation and its solution.