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Mobilization Cédrika

What is Cédrika Mobilization ?

Mobilization Cédrika is an operational protocol, a strategy of concerted and structured intervention in search of missing persons.

It was prepared by the Cédrika Provencher Foundation and intended to govern and control the actions of the family and the help provided by the population, in cases of kidnapping, fugue or disappearance. Effective and concerted action is essential to maximize the chances of finding the person quickly.

This protocol is based on different observations, knowledge and experience. It is developed with the collaboration of specialists, volunteers, partners, and with the support of advanced technologies.

It is a simple protocol, an efficient operational mode that is easy to apply.

Mobilization Cédrika, allows the family to organize and structure research in order to act efficiently and strategically in order to quickly find the child or the missing person and to collect as much information as possible for a possible investigation .

It helps to locate the child, the missing person, a kidnapper or even a car, in cases of kidnapping.

It is an additional and complementary tool, helping the family, the immediate neighborhood, the population and the institution where the event takes place.

Cédrika Mobilization is available in a convenient version to download or as a booklet with tear-off cards easy to use quickly by each manager, so you do not forget anything. It saves precious minutes and avoid going into catch-up mode.

*Download the available PDF file on the right or keep a hard copy at your fingertips *

Mobilization Cédrika does not replace police action or the Amber Alert, an operation that can only be triggered by police authorities.

Mobilization Cédrika is an initial search operation, initiated in the very first minutes, directly by the family, a relative or someone in authority over the missing person.

Fondation Cédrika Provencher, THE partner of the family and the population.