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Join the Cédrika Foundation team as a volunteer, donor, sponsor, partner or in any other role. Together we will succeed by joining forces, acting more quickly and effectively, and preventing other abductions.
Wouldn’t that be truly rewarding?

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Volunteer at the Cédrika Foundation. . . A hobby of pleasure

With the Cédrika Foundation, you will find the art of transforming volunteerism into a pleasure and pleasure pastime, to such an extent that you will look forward to these special moments.
The Cédrika Foundation offers the pleasure of volunteering with pleasure:

  • The pleasure of offering your free help with your own talents.
  • The pleasure of being useful to something as you are.
  • Pleasure as teenagers, to help change things.
  • Fun as a parent, keeping children safe and participating in countering predators before they act.
  • Pleasure as the eldest, to be still useful and to use talents and experiences acquired in a whole life instead of letting them get lost.
  • The pleasure of using your skills and knowledge to improve society.
  • The pleasure of ensuring the safety of all the children of the world and reaching out to them.
  • The pleasure of doing good around you and offering you the satisfaction of helping the well-being of all.
  • The pleasure of acting with the eyes of the heart and to see and demonstrate that not all services are for sale.
  • The pleasure of teamwork with people of heart.
  • The pleasure of seeing you entrusting a job in the shadows, if you prefer.
  • The pleasure of working to realize your dream of a better world.Listen to your heart and have fun, become a volunteer at the Cédrika Foundation; Where volunteering becomes a pleasure of free pleasure.
    Wherever you are in the world, you can make yourself useful and put your talents and skills at the service of the Cédrika Foundation.You have a few hours, or a few days to spend … well we would like to know availability and your talents!You have the taste to share a moment to help us in one of our project, let us know and it will be with great pleasure that we will contact you.There is definitely something you can do to help us … ..